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Video Analytics
with Deep Learning


Beyond Deep Learning

DFUSION combines our market-
leading videoanalytics, with the most advanced
Deep Learning technology

Nothing will ever be
the same again

Deep learning is changing the world of AI and applied to image analysis has proven effective distinguishing objects, and accurately ...classifying people, cars and other object types. However, you need to observe high-quality, well-lit images where the subject observed is relatively large and unobstructed.

These conditions are difficult to find in the CCTV environments where video analytics are used, which tend to be outdoor sites with complex, changeable conditions.

It is here where traditional video analytics has shown great efficiency at detecting small, moving objects any condition.

Can you have the best
of both worlds?

DAVANTIS wants it all without sacrificing anything. That’s why we’ve developed DFUSION technology, which is capable of combining our market-leading ...traditional analytics, with Deep Learning.

Based on our continuous research in innovation and more than 15 years’ experience in the sector we have managed to combine the best of both worlds.


DFUSION can detect
all intruders in the most
demanding situations and
cover longer distances
with an unprecedented
reduction in false alarms
in the sector

Advanced Features DFUSIONPRO
Virtual IR icon

Virtual IR

Virtually illuminates dark areas to improve intruder detection and enhance the image. The system processes images received by the camera, highlighting difficult-to-detect, dark areas and showing a clearer area for better supervision.


Virtual IR video

Stabiliser icon


Allows more accurate image analysis and reduces false alarms, typically caused by camera shake or movement.


Stabiliser video

Smart PTZ icon

Smart PTZ

Based on detection with fixed cameras, the Smart PTZ feature enables directional pan, tilt and zoom to the detection area, enabling better identification of the intruder.


ATKPRO Optional Module

What happens when an intruder appears and disappears quickly from the field of view?

Sometimes intruders are detected but quickly disappear, and you can’t see where they have gone. With DAVANTIS and its ATKPRO module, this won’t happen to you.
When an intruder is detected, the Smart PTZ function positions the PTZ camera at the detection point. After positioning the camera, ATKPRO module takes control and automatically follows intruders as they move about the site. The PTZ video footage is sent to the CMS together with the alarm to give the operator a better view of the intruder and information about what they are up to and their location, even when outside the field of view of fixed cameras. Having analysed all the information, the CMS operator can trigger deterrent measures to force the intruder off the facilities. ATKPRO module, provides higher resolution images of intruders the moment they are detected, even outside the field of view of your fixed cameras.

Video module ATKPRO

Total freedom to design
the best CCTV installation


compatible with all
hardware brands



Our 3-click security technology

Our exclusive technology is a unique, simple,
efficient system integrated into all CMS, VMS and PSIM.


Click 1

Snapshot with a box highlighting the cause of the alarm


Click 2

Video of the alarm at the activation point.


Click 3

Live access to the camera for immediate verification.

Verification process

Remote activation of deterrent devices