New Integration with Raytec IP lighting

  • 23 Apr 2021
  • by davantiseditor

DAVANTIS works non-stop to facilitate seamless integration and versatility in perimeter security video analytics solutions. It is now common in security for installation designers to integrate numerous peripherals, technologies, and add-ons from several sources – think IP network loudspeakers, white-light network illuminators, etc. - to improve intruder detection rates and maximise deterrence. Flexibility has become a top priority in the security industry, which is why our video analytics solutions can now integrate with Raytec White-Lights, a highly effective deterrent in case of security breaches.

White light illuminators are an invaluable weapon for perimeter protection, occupying the front line to deter all types of threat. Raytec is a specialised manufacturer of illuminators for integration in perimeter protection systems that supplies a comprehensive range of models and types that enhance any security system.

Perimeter security lighting is designed to deter, detect, and prevent unauthorised persons outside a site from crossing a certain perimeter. Our video analytics solutions integrate with Raytec IP illuminators, allowing remote activation as a deterrent in response to alerts sent by our video analytics system.

Every year, thousands of companies build smart systems capable of delivering an instant, situation-dependent response for improved security and safety to protect critical infrastructures, oil fields, logistics and storage areas, port facilities, and solar farms, among others. Integrating DFUSION and Raytec network illuminators ensures full, dynamic control over perimeter security 24/7. Combining this type of illumination with the capabilities of our high-tech deep-learning-based video analytics system to identify trespassers keeps false positives to a minimum, reducing noise to allow video analytics to accurately identify subjects on scene, and successfully trigger alarms whilst significantly reducing false alarms.

At DAVANTIS we supply self-powered video analytics solutions that are perfectly compatible with any hardware manufacturer. With DAVANTIS, a perfect CCTV system is a real possibility.


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